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please never pause got7 videos

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got7;  long post;  
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The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014),
dir. by Wes Anderson

watched this last night, really good

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“Jang Jaeyeol’s reality testing is completely broken into pieces. Probably Jaeyeol subconsciously realised after his brother stabbed him 3 years ago, that his brother’s hatred for him would never disappear unless he died. That’s when he first hallucinated Kangwoo. His subconscious then started writing scenarios that would inevitably lead to his death, through Kangwoo. He chose to die while saving Kangwoo. His subconcious chose an accident rather than a suicide. That way, it would be less painful for his mother, who he loves, and would compensate for his brother who had to unfairly live in prison for 14 years.” (Dongmin explaining Jaeyeol’s condition, ep. 14)
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model bobby~

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140921 oohsehun: 펑키첸.종대형 생일축하해 사랑해 형이 짱이야 !!

FunkyChen.Jongdae hyung happy birthday, I love you, hyung you’re the best !!

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Tim Burton Inspired Pokemon Drawing by Vaughn Pinpin (More Images)

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140920 Gimpo Airport (leaving to Japan)

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IG | “tablo : blobyblo: blo + bobby + “

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